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Janson (Nanjing) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., whose legal address is the South Zone of Nanjing Lishui Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 50 mu. It is invested by British Virgin Islands Janson International Trade Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 4.25 million US dollars, a registered capital of 3.78 million US dollars, an estimated annual sales of 30 million yuan and an annual profit and tax of 5 million yuan. With a total of 70 employees, it is a Taiwanese owned enterprise specializing in the production of chemical, food and pharmaceutical barrel and trough equipment, with 17% of its products exported.

The business scope of the company is to design, manufacture, sell and install all kinds of chemical, food and pharmaceutical production equipment (including high-speed, sterile filling equipment, labeling machine and other key equipment manufacturing in the food industry) and all kinds of stainless steel products; Preparing for boiler project; Sell self-produced products. In terms of product manufacturing, our company has a complete quality assurance system to effectively control all quality control environments of products from manufacturing, inspection to delivery and after-sales service.

More than half of the company's products are sold to North China and other places. In addition, the company is located in Lishui District, Nanjing, with a very superior geographical location. It is located in the source of Qinhuai River, close to Shanghai and the economic triangle of Changzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou. Raw materials (stainless steel and carbon steel) are produced in a circle, with sufficient and convenient supply and convenient transportation in all directions. There are three expressways shuttling through Nanjing Hangzhou, ninggao and along the river, which can meet the transportation requirements of our customers in North and West China, including safety hazards, cost and convenience caused by long-distance transportation.


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