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Automatic lifting mixing

The operation principle of traditional Chinese medicine extraction tank is a simple decoction process. Chinese herbal medicine is soaked in water and heated by steam. After a certain period of time, the effective components are extracted. The length of decoction time is determined according to the performance of different materials. The feeding amount cannot be uniformly specified due to the different shape of Chinese herbal medicine and the difficulty of extracting effective components, It is recommended that the feeding amount should not exceed two-thirds of the equipment volume. When aromatic oil is extracted, the secondary steam is condensed, and after cooling, the oil and water enters the oil-water separator. The light oil is discharged at the upper part of the separator, and the heavy oil is discharged at the lower part. The water is discharged or refluxed through overflow (see the nozzle orientation and use and installation diagram for the specific process). Vacuum liquid discharge is required after decocting, In this way, not only the liquid outlet time can be shortened, but also the effective residual liquid in the slag can be pumped out to avoid waste. When it is difficult to remove the slag from the medicine slag arch (commonly known as "bridging"), drive the lifting cylinder to make the lifting rod move up and down to help break the arch and remove the slag until the medicine slag is basically discharged.

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