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The equipment is mainly used for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation, storage and other production links in medicine, chemical industry, food, light industry and other industries. The reactor can be made of SUS304, SUS316L and other stainless steel materials. The agitators are of anchor type, frame type, slurry type and turbine type. The rotating mechanism can adopt wire throwing needle wheel reducer and stepless variable speed reducer. The sealing device can adopt mechanical seal. The heating and cooling can adopt jacket, half pipe and coil structure. The heating methods include steam, electric heating and heat transfer oil to meet the process needs of different working environments such as acid resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be designed and manufactured according to user's process requirements.

In various industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry and light industry, there are many processes of mass transfer and heat transfer in direct contact between gas and liquid, such as distillation, absorption, heating and cooling. Most of these processes are carried out in the tower. Tower equipment can be roughly divided into: plate tower, packing tower and float valve tower. According to the process, it can be divided into purification tower, reduction tower, distillation tower, extraction tower, desulfurization tower, liquid purification tower, vacuum filter tower, synthesis tower, cooling tower, washing tower, absorption tower, oxidation tower, etc. The tower manufactured by our company has a diameter of 400mm to 2500mm and a total height of 10000mm to 36000mm.

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