About Janson

Create high-quality equipment and cast an industry benchmark

Janson is a professional manufacturer of chemical, food and pharmaceutical equipment. It has a history of more than 30 years. It has advanced production equipment, professional talents and strong technical force, so that all links of products from design, manufacturing, inspection to on-site and after-sales service can be effectively controlled. The company established its first branch in Guangdong Province in 1997: JANSON (Chao'an) chemical food equipment Co., Ltd; In 2005, the second branch was established in Nanjing: JANSON (Nanjing) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

0 years
The enterprise was founded in 1997
0 million yuan
The annual profit and tax is 10 million yuan
0 mu
Enterprise floor area 50mu
0 people
The total number of current employees exceeds 70

Application area

Customer-oriented, people-oriented, honest and rigorous, continuous innovation, openness and win-win results
Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Reaction equipment, extraction equipment, filtration equipment, storage equipment, etc

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Glue making, recovery equipment, reaction kettle, reaction tower, storage tank, etc

Food industry

Food industry

Beverages, fruit juices, dairy products, wines, instant noodles, sauces, etc

Technology leads development, innovation improves quality

Based on the principle of being better and stronger, JANSON keeps growing, actively develops first-class products, improves customer satisfaction and product quality competitiveness

JANSON international market creates greater value for customers

The business scope of the company is to design, manufacture, sell and install all kinds of chemical, food and pharmaceutical production equipment (including high-speed, aseptic filling equipment, labeling machine and other key equipment manufacturing in the food industry) and all kinds of stainless steel products; Preparing for boiler project; Sell self-produced products.

cooperative partner

Uni president, Master Kong, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sumitomo electric, Li Changrong, South Asia (Formosa Plastics Group), Shushi group, Liancheng, etc.


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