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Development trend of machinery manufacturing industry

Machinery manufacturing industry is the basic industry of China's national economy and provides technical equipment for the whole national economy. The development level of machinery manufacturing industry reflects a country's comprehensive strength. At present, the machinery industry is still in the rising stage of a new round of economic cycle, the later development speed will slow down, and the market competition may be more intense. With the continuous promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, automation and intelligence will be the inevitable trend of the development of machinery manufacturing industry in the future.

1. Industrial upgrading drives mechanical automation. In recent years, domestic labor costs have been increasing, and the advantage of cheap labor is gradually fading. Business pressure has forced enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity and introduce automatic machinery. Automatic machinery can not only improve the production efficiency and profit space of enterprises, but also improve the level of information and integrated application, so as to achieve the purpose of "reducing staff, increasing efficiency, improving quality and ensuring safety". Only when automation technology plays a full role in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing can we fundamentally enhance the overall strength of our country. It can be said that with the rapid development of information technology, the application of automation technology in all walks of life has become an inevitable trend of social development.

2. In recent years, domestic environmental protection has attracted more and more attention, and the requirements for emission verification of excavators are higher and higher. China has successively issued a number of policies to ensure that the scrapping and return of old equipment can be accelerated in 2020, and the implementation of equipment scrapping and return will be more thorough. It is predicted that half of the existing equipment will be refunded, making room for the sales of new standards and new equipment. Stricter environmental protection policies will greatly promote the upgrading of existing equipment, and low-tech equipment that does not meet emission standards will be gradually transferred to remote areas, or directly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions, and finally withdraw from the domestic market.

3. Green environmental protection, promote the remanufacturing of mechanical products. Remanufacturing is low-carbon, environmental protection and green manufacturing. Remanufacturing is regarded as the development direction of industrial upgrading and substitution in the future. The remanufactured products of construction machinery can save 60% energy than the manufacturing of new products. On average, more than half of the components can be reused, and more than 80% of the energy consumption can be saved in the manufacturing process. At present, the remanufacturing of construction machinery industry has become an important part of its industrial chain. It not only improves the product life cycle for customers, but also supports the call for the development of green circular economy advocated by the state, and has become an important direction for the future development of the machinery industry.

4. The general trend is to speed up the intellectualization of mechanical manufacturing. With the development of society, the labor cost will be higher and higher. Intellectualization is the general trend. In the fierce product market competition, mechanical intelligence has changed the traditional manufacturing mode and improved the adaptability and competitiveness of enterprises in the market; The intelligent equipment improves the reliability of the equipment, reduces the maintenance cost, improves the product quality, ensures the product quality and improves the work efficiency of the enterprise. Only intelligent development can make the products meet the requirements of consumers, market development and the development of the times. Nowadays, all walks of life are seeking industrial transformation and upgrading. Automation and intelligence are the inevitable choice for the development of machinery manufacturing enterprises.

The list of the top 20 global lifting machinery manufacturers in 2020 was released, and Zoomlion ranked third in the world and first in China.

At present, many well-known enterprises have developed high-end products with the theme of "green intelligence". For example, Zoomlion presents the new 4.0 series products in the form of "new products + high-quality products", the two intelligent management platforms of "Zoomlion e housekeeper" and "smart commercial concrete ERP system", both of which are designed to create the ultimate new experience for customers. Sany Heavy Industry, Hitachi, Shantui and XCMG have developed a large number of intelligent products. With the "China China made one" and "one belt, one road" in-depth promotion, intelligent manufacturing enterprises, guided by "industry 4", will continue to interpret the strength and unique charm of China's construction machinery manufacturing industry. "2025" and "one industry" are the two leading industries.

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