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1、 Equipment application: This equipment can be used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for the extraction of food and drugs such as tea and coffee.

2、 Equipment features:

1. High pressure and high temperature extraction to make material extraction efficient and increase the concentration of extract.

2. Set safety interlock protection device. When the inner barrel has pressure, the barrel cover cannot be opened. Multiple interlocking protection can be set as required to ensure the safe use of the equipment.

3. The barrel cover is opened and closed automatically, and the operation is simple and efficient. The barrel cover flange is gasketed and sealed with sealing gasket, which is reliable and no leakage. The sealing ring is not in contact with the rotating flange, the sealing ring is not easy to be damaged, the service life is long, and the maintenance and repair are convenient.

4. During the operation of the equipment, hot water enters from the central mixing shaft and is evenly sprayed on the inner barrel section through the atomizing nozzle. The flow can be set in sections according to the process needs. Solid materials can be input from the feeding port (manhole), and other liquid materials can be injected from the pipe orifice on the head.

5. The mixer is lifting mixing, that is, it also performs lifting cycle action at the same time to ensure the high efficiency of material extraction. The mixing speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion to meet the different needs of various material extraction. The mixer adopts pneumatic lifting, which is safe, reliable and pollution-free.

6. Jacket steam heating is set for the bottom head and inner cylinder to make the heating fast and uniform. The temperature of the inner barrel can be set. Within the set temperature range, the steam inlet valve will open and close automatically and cycle until the set operation time (the set operation time is the time after the inner barrel reaches the set temperature, and the set time can be set for about 6 hours at most), and the steam inlet valve will close automatically, Stop mixing and lifting when lifting mixing to the set position, and send out alarm signal.

7. Open the pneumatic discharge valve to discharge the material. The material liquid is filtered through the bottom filter screen. The bottom filter has a large filtering area, which can bear pressure or backwash. The bottom filter screen can be replaced. After the liquid discharge is completed, an alarm signal is sent, and then open the lower barrel cover to discharge the slag. The slag discharge is fast and easy to clean.

8. The capacity and structure can be customized according to customer requirements. It can be equipped with extraction aroma recovery, extraction liquid fine filtration and other devices.

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